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DIY Magnet




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Dingham Electromagnet Mk2 for remote uncoupling



Dingham Electromagnet Mk1 EM4/7 No longer available
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Overseas customers should please e-mail for a price, including overseas postage and packing and advice on method of payment. Please provide your address or location with your request. 

I can accept indirect credit or debit card payments via PayPal but I have no facilities for direct credit of debit card payments. More information on available methods of payment can be found by following this link, or you may prefer to go directly to the PayPal page on this site. 

Supplies of the industrial solenoids used as a basis for the original Dingham electromagnet became unavailable some time ago.

It proved impossible to find a direct replacement for the solenoids used for the original magnet. After much searching a different but suitable alternative was sourced. The DC resistance of the new magnet, at 8.5 Ohms, is lower than the original magnet (14 Ohms) but still significantly higher than the 3.7 - 3.8 Ohms of alternative products.


The Dingham electromagnets are based on industrial-quality solenoids, which are modified by fitting an extended pole-piece, to reach through the baseboard to the level of the sleeper tops. The maximum thickness of baseboard that can be accommodated without recessing underneath is 12.5mm or 1/2in. 

The DC resistance Dingham electromagnets is approximately 8.5 Ohms, which is substantially higher than the 3.7 - 3.8 Ohms of alternative products. This means that Dingham electromagnets take a current of less than 1.5 Amps on 12 Volts DC. They are therefore much less likely to burn out if misused and are also less likely to cause switches to burn out. 

For more detail of the electromagnets, their installation and operation, see Electromagnet Instructions.

Important note

The Dingham electromagnets are intended only for operation of automatic couplers in which the moving parts are hinged. These include Dingham, DG, B&B, Sprat & Winkle. They are not powerful enough to operate 7mm Alex Jackson couplings which require them to bend a spring steel wire.

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