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This page is intended to help visitors find their way around the site as quickly and easily as possible. The structure of the site is shown in the diagram below.

Navigation works in a consistent way throughout the site. 

At the top of each page, above the page title are the "top level" buttons, small navigation buttons linking to Home, Contents, Navigation, Payment and PayPal. Pages which are more than one level below the Home page also have a button labelled Up which takes you one level up the branch you are on (to the "parent" page). 

All pages below the top level have a horizontal row of larger buttons immediately below the page title, linking to pages on the same level, within the same branch of the navigation structure. For example, on the Products page these larger buttons link to Products (highlighted to indicate that you are on that page), News, Feedback and FAQs.

All pages that have other pages below them on the same branch ("daughter pages") have large buttons linking to these pages in a vertical column at the left hand side. For example, on the Home page these buttons link to Products, News, Feedback and FAQs, whilst on the Products page they link to 7mm Coupler, 4mm Coupler, Springs and Electromagnet.

If you get lost go to Contents, which can be reached from a button at the top of each page. The Contents page lists every page on the site and each page can be reached by clicking its title.

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