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7mm Coupler
4mm Coupler

The first Dingham product, introduced in February 2000 was the Autocoupler for 7mm Scale. Two subsidiary products -- springs for use in fixing the 7mm coupler to vehicles, and electromagnets - were introduced later in 2000.

A coupler for 4mm scales was announced in July 2002. 

Dingham Autocouplers for 7mm Scale
Easily-fitted, reliable and unobtrusive automatic couplers for Gauge 0.
Dingham Autocouplers for 4mm Scale
Easily-fitted, reliable and unobtrusive automatic couplers for 00, EM and P4/S4.

I'm sorry but I can no longer supply springs for fitting couplers to 7mm stock using the spring and split-pin method. The reason is because my supplier of springs has changed hands and the purchaser of the business is not interested in supplying my needs. Despite a prolonged internet search, I have been unable to find an alternative supplier.

Electromagnets for remote uncoupling of both 4mm and 7mm Dingham Autocouplers. 

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