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Notice: Product withdrawn

I'm sorry but I can no longer supply springs for fitting couplers to 7mm stock using the spring and split-pin method. The reason is because my supplier of springs has changed hands and the purchaser of the business is not interested in supplying my needs. Despite a prolonged internet search, I have been unable to find an alternative supplier.

I've left this page in situ in the hope that I can find a source of springs in the future.

The Dingham instructions recommend fitting the couplers to vehicles by gluing or soldering  because the spring and split pin method of attachment gives less positive location of the coupler. Nevertheless, some Dingham customers seem to want to use the spring and split pin system and asked me if I could help them find suitable springs. Potential suppliers seem reluctant to offer the relatively small numbers that Dingham customers are likely to want.

I now stock springs suitable for fitting the 7mm couplers in packs of a dozen.

Note that the pack includes only the springs and not the split pins. This is because the springs are difficult to obtain, but split pins can be had from most good hardware suppliers or a suitable substitute can be made from wire.

When attaching couplers by the spring and split pin method, it is strongly recommended that you remove the moulded or cast coupler pocket already present on the buffer beam and substitute an etched pocket from the Dingham fret. This will give a more positive location of the coupler because of its snug fit in the etched pocket.

At present, I am not planning to stock springs suitable for fitting the 4mm couplers because the spring and split pin method of fitting appears to be less popular in the smaller scale.


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Product withdrawn
Springs (12) for fitting 7mm Dingham Autocouplers



Price includes UK postage and packing
Please make cheques payable to T Shaw
Overseas postage and packing and method of payment (other than PayPal), please enquire

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Overseas customers should please e-mail for a price, including overseas postage and packing and advice on method of payment. Please provide your address or location with your request. 

I can accept indirect credit or debit card payments via PayPal but I have no facilities for direct credit of debit card payments. More information on available methods of payment can be found by following this link, or you may prefer to go directly to the PayPal page on this site. 

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